Eternal Beauty

When I look back on my childhood I remember taking every opportunity to change up my style. I love the idea that we can decide who we want to be every day and just be it. My experience might be a little different, because I grew up watching my mom consistently reinventing her own style and following fashion closely. I guess you can say I was born with the fashion bug. As an artist who’s has been in the industry for many years I have come across many women who have a hard time breaking their habits when it comes to makeup, hairstyles, and fashion. That is part of the reason why Joli is so important. We are always challenging women to step out of their comfort zones because we know the power and confidence you feel when you have a new look. You can be a whole new you.
There is a way to switch up your style without neglecting who you are as a person. Joli thrives on being the place that shows women who they can be if they are open to change. As we approach our two year anniversary I see more and more the influence that Zsuzsi and I have on our clients. We take pride in exceeding a woman’s expectations. We love when she leaves totally blown away by the fact that our stylist was able to capture who she is, while opening her up to a new cut or style of makeup application. 
It was important for Zsuzsi and I to stick to our original goal of bringing beauty to everyday women. We always reassure our clients that we are not going to make them look or feel uncomfortable. They will simply be a more polished version of themselves.
We all have a style icon or a look we love, but don’t think we can pull off. Joli is here to help you see that isn’t true. Our procedure is to go through our Pinterest boards, figure out where you’re going, what you’re wearing and what style you’re comfortable with and we go from there. Our goal is to allow you to see how a look you might have been afraid to try can actually work for you.
Showcasing #EternalBeauty to help celebrate our 2 year anniversary is significant because the term “classic beauty” got lost somewhere within the new makeup trends and fads we see everywhere today. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with over-the-top makeup, but it can be intimidating to the everyday woman. There is so much beauty in an understated eye, slicked back hair and a bold red lip. In my experience, women tend to feel their best when the look is uncomplicated. A simple blowout and some mascara can often make you feel like a million bucks. Classic beauty is more about how you feel and not about how you look. 
To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, and to help get you our of your beauty rut, we at Joli Beauty Bar are offering an upgrade to our “Zsuzs” package. For only $88 you can get a heat style and full face makeup to help start you on your journey of beauty discovery. For everyday, or for our anniversary party on September 8th. Either Way, its a step to discovering a new beginning, or even a whole new you.
by Charde Smith

The Girls who Primp Together

New York City differs from other places in many ways. People here live a very specific lifestyle and most of it doesn’t revolve around where they live. It’s just a place you sleep and order food occasionally. So why should primping be any different? After all, we have people to walk our dogs, make/deliver our food, do our laundry and even clean the shoeboxes we call home.
The whole culture of getting ready with your girlfriends is lost in NYC. And it’s a shame because I loved primping with my gals in collage. We would play music, pick outfits, put on crazy makeup and drink cans of PBR before heading out dancing every Thursday night. As an adult I’ve replaced the beer with champagne and the music isn’t elctroclash anymore, but the idea would be the same. Except who wants to cram into a tiny apartment bathroom and try to do makeup/hair at someone’s place? And who’s place would you go to anyway? All your friends live in spread out locals in different boroughs, and you’re all going downtown anyway…this is where Joli comes in. 
See I wanted to open a place where we could recreate an upscale version of the female pre-game ritual. We had so much fun doing it as teenagers, why not outsource the services to professionals and get drunk while listening to our favorite throwbacks (N’sync radio is a favorite)?! We’ve matured past leggings with denim skirts, so why not make the getting ready process itself more sophisticated? Joli stylists can help you get glam for any occasions. If it’s a bachelorette or birthday party or just a girls night out to celebrate being single and fabulous (exclamation point)! 
New York is known for having a solution to every first world problem, and in this case Joli is the answer to every NYC girls’ needs. You can have your hair and makeup done in a comfortable and pretty space while sipping wine, enjoying snacks, and even change into your evening ensemble. We want to help elevate the experience and give you girls a special way to get any party started. 
by Zsuzsi Evans

Makeup Bag Must Haves for the Joli Girl on the Go

In a generation full of social media platforms putting your best face forward is always a necessity. Especially, when you’re traveling. Stressing about your makeup bag should be the least of your worries. As one of the owners of Joli Beauty Bar and a girl on the go myself; I’m here to help you create the perfect makeup bag with all the products you need for travels near or far. The Joli girl is simple but always wants to look like they made an effort even on vacation. I will give you some tips on how to keep it cute while traveling the world this summer!!
One of the easiest things to find is going to be your actual Makeup Bag. Find one that’s big enough to fit everything; but, small enough to fit in your carry on. I have found some really cute inexpensive ones at HM and Forever 21 if you are looking to splurge a little try your favorite department store and find the perfect one for your needs and taste.
The first thing you want to add to your bag is a Cleanser. A great one to try is Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing gel (Travel Size $12). This cleanser is great for all skin types and leaves your skin looking great and feeling fresh. Also, you want to add a Moisturizer/SPF in one like Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All-Day Moisturizer (Travel Size $12). This moisturizer has SPF 30 and is full of Anti Oxidant’s to keep your skin hydrated. Traveling can be tough on your skin so these two products are essential. Next is a great Primer. Laura Mercier Radiance is great for all skin types and tones. This primer minimizes the look of pores and any other imperfections. Also, this primer adds a soft natural glow to the skin. A little tip is to add a small amount of the primer to your cheekbones after your foundation for a soft highlight (1.0 oz $20).
One of the most important must haves is a great Concealer. Try a fuller coverage concealer so
it can double as a foundation. LA Girl Pro Conceal is a great choice not only for the price ($5) but, for the coverage as well. Apply as needed a full coverage isn’t necessary. You’re on vacation a fresh face is the best face for a great time exploring. A Bronzer is the next item to add. Try a natural matte bronzer or one with a small amount of illuminator like MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Skinfinish Natural ($32) in a shade that’s a half or a full shade darker than your skin. It can double as a powder just frame the face with it. Bring it to your cheeks as a light and natural contour. In a pinch can be used on the lid as an eyeshadow.
Mascara is more of an intimate choice. Choose the mascara that matches the type of lashes you want (Volume, Length, or All of The Above). I do suggest you try a waterproof mascara for all day wear and no smearing. Try a great tip like using the mascara as a liner. Just smudge the mascara into your lashes let dry and use a Q-tip to clean up any access. Another option is to skip the mascara and try eyelash extensions. It’s a great alternative and you can definitely put the “I woke up like this” term to use. But, make sure you research good technicians your eyes are nothing to play with. A great Brow Pencil is always a must. MAC Cosmetics has a great one that’s easy to use and it comes in many different colors ($16.50). Our bag is almost complete. Who can live without the perfect Lipstick? It’s the perfect addition to your travel bag. Try finding two shades; a natural, every day look and a bold color for those late night rendezvous. Depending on the colors you can use them as a cream blush as well. Last but not least Brushes make the list. Great brushes can be an investment. Start off small, find a set that has the necessities. Sonia Kashuk has a great travel brush set that you can find at Target ($20).
Traveling is supposed to be easy going and fun. Before you leave test out a makeup look that’s easy and can be applied quickly with no fuss. Also, create a look that goes along with where you’re traveling. Tropical destinations, make sure you have enough SPF and keep in mind you may tan so plan accordingly. In colder destinations make sure you carry a heavier cream moisturizer and swap out one
of your lipsticks for a lip conditioner. Keep your travel bag separate from your everyday one to make sure you always have what you need. Remember to have fun and book your blowout and deep conditioning appointment at Joli when you get back!


The Cool Factor


As the owner of a female centric business I often find myself struggling with staying true to who I am and what I call the cool factor. I am not an “it girl.” I have 454 followers on Instagram, and my life as a whole isn’t very glamorous. In fact owning a business isn’t very glamorous. People think because I “get to be my own boss” that I have it made. Trust me, that’s not as great as it sounds either. But I digress (that’s another blog post).
We are talking about the art of cool. What makes you cool these days? Living in NYC we are definitely trapped in our own bubble. What makes you cool is that effortless chic vibe. The undone hair, the $10,000 outfit that looks like it cost $60 at a vintage store. Always being at the right parties…and of course documenting it on social media for your many followers to see. So as a business owner am I supposed to try and be cool? 
Joli was founded to be for everyone. To be inclusive. To welcome women of every age, size, ethnicity, and tax bracket. We don’t just say that, we actually mean it. We’ve come a long way since we first opened, and we definitely have met some amazing women. But I would not describe us as cool. We get to do cool things, and when we do we are sure to showcase it on social media, but we will never be the cool kids and I think that’s ok. 
Even as we grow we try and put out content that is meaningful and sometimes sentimental. And while I think lots of companies have jumped on the bandwagon that tries to give their identity a soul, it hasn’t ever come off as genuine or sincere. Because you can’t be both. You can’t be exclusive and inclusive at the same time. Either you’re for everyone or you are for a select few, but you can’t be both. In the end I think it’s better we haven’t been able to get anyone “cool” to collaborate with us. We want women to want to come to Joli, but it doesn’t have to be aspirational, it can be accessible. I don’t want to ever give the impression that Joli can only be for cool girls, because I don’t believe that has staying power. What I think will ultimately set us apart is the fact that that when you step into our space you feel instantly at ease. I don’t ever want us to loose that. 
Social media is a tricky thing. Cool women have built empires with Instagram alone. But you have to remember that what you see on social media is never the whole story. There are lots of factors and #bts stuff you just don’t know about. I’m not going to show you the days I feel bloated and greasy and sad because a deal didn’t go through. I’ll show you drinks on a rooftop and a selfie with my favorite filter after I just got a blowout from Charde. It’s not real, and being cool isn’t either.
Ultimately I’m ok being where I am. Relatively obscure and working towards building something that I believe will stand the test of time. Something I can be proud of because it makes others happy. Maybe that’s the new cool. Maybe that makes me cool?
by Zsuzsi Evans


The Joli Effect

I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years but, I have been exposed to it since I was a child. Growing up my mother did everything from running salons to makeup departments. One thing I have always noticed from my years in the industry is that people are not necessarily afraid of beauty they are intimidated by it. Most clients love the way they feel after getting their hair and or makeup done but the experience can be stressful! This makes the process much more of a chore than pampering.

Zsuzsi and I have worked hard to change that thought process with Joli. We have created an environment where clients enjoy spending time and the quality of service is a bonus. We are host to women with varying degrees of comfort with makeup. Our goal is to make you feel like your best self, not mask what you really look like!

One of the things that has helped us create a more welcoming and inclusive environment is deciding not to sell products. We want to offer our clients the best makeup and the newest hair trends so as the VP of Creative Services I hand pick and curate everything we use for a more customizable service for each client. I want our clients to focus on relaxing and not being sold things they most likely don’t need or know how to use.

Joli also offers beauty lessons. I tell clients that learning how to do a basic everyday makeup application and hairstyle is a great tool to have for yourself. But when you want to feel or look a little more polished don’t hesitate to book a makeup and/ or hair appointment. We have had clients come in before interviews, first dates, and some clients even come in to feel great after a divorce or breakup.

One thing we at Joli have frequently heard from clients is that most salon environments feel like a factory, which adds to the feeling that getting salon services is more like a chore than self care. Joli Beauty Bar is a salon concept that can be a little hard to understand right now but I am happy to say that Zsuzsi and I have created an empowering environment for anyone to enjoy. The Joli effect is changing the way people think of the salon experience one person at a time!

by Charde Smith