The Girls Who Primp Together

  • Joli 

New York City differs from other places in many ways. People here live a very specific lifestyle and most of it doesn’t revolve around where they live. It’s just a place you sleep and order food occasionally. So why should primping be any different? After all, we have people to walk our dogs, make/deliver our food, do our laundry and even clean the shoeboxes we call home. 

The whole culture of getting ready with your girlfriends is lost in NYC. And it’s a shame because I loved primping with my gals in collage. We would play music, pick outfits, put on crazy makeup and drink cans of PBR before heading out dancing every Thursday night. As an adult I’ve replaced the beer with champagne and the music isn’t elctroclash anymore, but the idea would be the same. Except who wants to cram into a tiny apartment bathroom and try to do makeup/hair at someone’s place? And who’s place would you go to anyway? All your friends live in spread out locals in different boroughs, and you’re all going downtown anyway…this is where Joli comes in.  

See I wanted to open a place where we could recreate an upscale version of the female pre-game ritual. We had so much fun doing it as teenagers, why not outsource the services to professionals and get drunk while listening to our favorite throwbacks (N’sync radio is a favorite)?! We’ve matured past leggings with denim skirts, so why not make the getting ready process itself more sophisticated? Joli stylists can help you get glam for any occasions. If it’s a bachelorette or birthday party or just a girls night out to celebrate being single and fabulous (exclamation point)!  

New York is known for having a solution to every first world problem, and in this case Joli is the answer to every NYC girls’ needs. You can have your hair and makeup done in a comfortable and pretty space while sipping wine, enjoying snacks, and even change into your evening ensemble. We want to help elevate the experience and give you girls a special way to get any party started. 

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