The Joli Effect

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I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years but, I have been exposed to it since I was a child. Growing up my mother did everything from running salons to makeup departments. One thing I have always noticed from my years in the industry is that people are not necessarily afraid of beauty they are intimidated by it. Most clients love the way they feel after getting their hair and or makeup done but the experience can be stressful! This makes the process much more of a chore than pampering.

Zsuzsi and I have worked hard to change that thought process with Joli. We have created an environment where clients enjoy spending time and the quality of service is a bonus. We are host to women with varying degrees of comfort with makeup. Our goal is to make you feel like your best self, not mask what you really look like!

One of the things that has helped us create a more welcoming and inclusive environment is deciding not to sell products. We want to offer our clients the best makeup and the newest hair trends so as the VP of Creative Services I hand pick and curate everything we use for a more customizable service for each client. I want our clients to focus on relaxing and not being sold things they most likely don’t need or know how to use.

Joli also offers beauty lessons. I tell clients that learning how to do a basic everyday makeup application and hairstyle is a great tool to have for yourself. But when you want to feel or look a little more polished don’t hesitate to book a makeup and/ or hair appointment. We have had clients come in before interviews, first dates, and some clients even come in to feel great after a divorce or breakup.

One thing we at Joli have frequently heard from clients is that most salon environments feel like a factory, which adds to the feeling that getting salon services is more like a chore than self care. Joli Beauty Bar is a salon concept that can be a little hard to understand right now but I am happy to say that Zsuzsi and I have created an empowering environment for anyone to enjoy. The Joli effect is changing the way people think of the salon experience one person at a time!

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